I was first introduced to the amazing world of hemp by reading Chris Conrad's book "Hemp: Life Line to the Future." Then I read Jack Herer's book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". Henry Ford's stronger than steel hemp car and the Chemurgy movement really struck a chord with me.

With the world food crises, the high cost of oil, pollution and global warming all dramatically impacting our world, it's unjust that Americans can't fully tap into the potential of hemp. Hemp was a once treasured American resource. Our leaders and general public are ignorant about hemp's potential due to the spread of disinformation by industrial elites.

We need to be the shepherds of a new green future. We need a new declaration of independence from oil. With the countless positive uses of hemp, which is no more a drug then your rug, we as Americans should not stand by and let this suppression of progression stand. Please support HEMP, which is truly the patriots plant!